If you are looking for a more flexible music appreciation curriculum here are some suggestions for utilizing the Music at Home lessons to create your own curriculum.

  • Folk Song & Musicianship or Music Appreciation curriculum alone
    If you would like to focus solely on music appreciation or folk songs you may utilize each curriculum independently.
  • Folk Song & Musicianship and Music Appreciation alternating
    If you would like a slower pace, you can teach one curriculum unit at a time. This may be a good option if your students are quite young. Instead of doing both Unit 1’s concurrently, this schedule would follow:

    • Folk Song & Musicianship Unit 1
    • Music Appreciation Unit 1
    • Folk Song & Musicianship Unit 2
    • Music Appreciation Unit 2
    • and so forth
  • Composer Study
    Use the search bar or tags on the website footer to search for a specific composer for composer study.
  • Music Genre or Period
    Use the tag cloud on the footer below to choose different types of music you want to emphasize (nursery rhyme and folk, romantic period, etc.)

Once you select which lessons to share with your students you may want to take a look at the Instructor’s Guide for tips on how to conduct a lesson.